The couple was moving with belly to belly.

It did look very very silly.

The sexual act was very tight

In a hurry they used Araldite

Instead of the usal petroleum jelly.

  The sailor took his boat to sea,

To have a peaceful pee.

If he did it on land,

The mockery was getting out of hand,

As his member was not big: only a wee wee.

  There was a lad from Bangalore

Whose genitals were very very sore.

On touch he would scream.

But never in his dream,

Did he imagine he got it from a whore.

  They say all the world is one.

So let us have some fun.

Sleep with Chinese

Or someone from Pyrannes

To procreate a daughter or a son.

  The doctor was about to go to sleep

When his pager started to bleep.

Complained his wife:

" What a lousy life,

Am I your wife or just a keep?"

  There was a man from Fort Glacis,

Who was found without his penis,

About which he was always bragging,

Leaving it freely dangling,

Even during Hurricane Dennis.