Azharuddin says he is targeted because he belongs to the 'minority community' -News (16-6-2000)

"They have implicated me in this scam,
Not because the bowlers I used to slam,
Nor because I led India,
With the blessings of Scindia,
But I belong to the great religion, Islam."

Azhar on why he is using religion.

"Earlier attacks on me were rare and seasonal,
Now they are getting to be more and personal,
Yes, I do believe in bigamy,
But I gave up a Begum for a Bijlani.
Now I need all the defence in the arsenal."

Some sound advice to Azharuddin

Does the disgraced Hansie Cronjie know,
To which Gods does Azhar bow,
Don't drag into this scam,
Jesus, Allah or Ram,
But play the great game like a real pro.

Now Kapil Dev can argue thus:

"From CBI enquiry I need immunity,
As I belong to a very small community,
That doesn't throw matches,
To buy designer watches.
Doesn't that make me part of the minority?"