News: Kapil Dev swears by mother's milk

Kapil says he hates Parbhakar and his ilk,
And will not fall for Manoj's trick.
In voice laced with honey,
He denies having offered money,
'Cause he was brought up on mother's milk.

There's a sudden demand for milk of the breast,
From past cricketers who are put to test,
About their cricketing integrity,
Without going into the nitty gritty.
Those had mother's are better than the rest.

A former hero of many a cricketing battle,
Who used to make other's wicket rattle,
Of his integrity, he swears,
On the halo he wears,
"I imbibed from the breast, not the bottle."

Kapil says, 'I don't care a hoot,
About charges of offering loot,
If he was raised by his mother,
Not from bhakra's udder,
All these years why was he mute?"

News: Manoj Prabhakar says he is prepared touch Kapil's feet

I swear by the very food that I eat,
Kapil offered me monetary treat,
To play below par,
In a cricketing war,
But I am still prepared to touch his feet.