The Communists come in many a clour and hue,

You have a Surjeet and you have a Basu;

One kowtows to madame,

The other wants to be PM;

In short, nobody cares about me and you.

Whether to have peace or war,

Will be decided by Sangh parivar.

Clinton or no Clinton,

The pressing of nuclear button

Is imminent: not very far.

Whether own government or coalition

With a mix of everyone's volition,

The Congress does not know,

To say yes or no.

So it draws the voters' derision.

The retired CEC Mr TN Seshan,

Was once likened to a fiery Alsation.

Has he become so meek,

To join the profession of the weak,

Without any thought or deliberation?

Is it not very very sad,

To have a leader like Lalloo Prasad.

This uncouth Bihari,

Is in a tearing hurry,

To grab power by any means; good or bad.

by V.Harihara Subramanian

August 1999