The opinion expressed here are purely mine,
But I am not prepared to pay a penalty or a fine, 
For perceived libel or slander,
As the words that wander,
Are only for humour in every line.

My name was missing in the voters' list,
And I didn't have the power of the fist,
To put up a fight,
To exercise my right,
Without going through the bureaucratic mist.

There was a Chief Minister of Bihar,
Who wanted to keep off the election war,
But she couldn't sit tight,
And miss all the fun and fight,
So she sent her Pati Parameshwar.

Chandra Babu Naidu's party routed in Andhra Pradesh elections - News

A stunned and dejected Naidu,
Asks his electorate, "What more can I do?
I gave you all those sops,
Including some laptops,
Only thing to try now is voodoo"

BJP President says that NDA was like ladoo. Perhaps people wanted namkeen - News

Venkaiah says to Laloo;
"Our NDA is like ladoo,
Your party is namkeen,
And we are very keen
To see your rustic jadoo"

Rahul Gandhi's girl friend is from Colombia - News

There is one more thing Sonia
In our obsession with Italia
We forgot to tell you,
A thing or two,
About the girl from Columbia.

Here's a list of Don'ts and Do's
For the two dejected Naidoos
Take care of the farm crop
More than your laptop,
And the janta will feed you ladoos