1.    Cronjie declares that he is a good Christian - News

Hansie says, "I am a good Christian you see,
But I was never happy with the match fee.
Collecting the bookie's booty,
Was beyond the call of duty,
Putting me between the devil and the deep sea."  

2.   A good Christian never fixes matches,
Nor deliberately drops those dolly catches,
But accepting from the gambler,
Wads of dollars as a sampler,
Is OK if Azhar can have his designer watches.  

3. Hansie Cronjie blames Devil for his actions.- News

I never asked my men not  to hit,
Or contribute their teeny weeny bit,
In losing the bloody match,
By dropping that silly catch.
I swear, it is the Devil who made us do it.

4. Kapil Dev cries during TV interview. - News
   Cronjie cries in front of his priest. - News

It is in fashion for cricketers to weep,
When the probing gets very very deep,
Into their enormous wealth,
Got by some talent: more stealth,
Showing how far the malaise can seep.


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