There was a Rotarian from Madras

Who was a dealer in brass.

No. it is not what ladies wear.

Of that, I can swear.

'Cause he was shy of looking at any lass.

There was this Rotarian from Mysore.

Who had one big bed sore.

It was not due to laziness.

But because of his business

Of minding his mattress store.

There was this Rotarian President,

Whose driving habits were very prudent.

His speed was very slow.

Always the horn he did blow.

And he never had any accident.

There was a Rotarian from Madras.

Whose classification was 'brass'.

He knew the alloy so much,

That by a mere touch ,

He'd say it was low grade or class.

There was a Rotarian whose pedigree

Was traced to the cavemen of Yelagiri.

That was the reason,

When 'ancestry' I did mention.

He got veri veri angri.

There was Rotarian from Bombay.

Who was on a diet of grass and hay.

No, he was not a bovine.

But had a boon divine,

To digest anything that came his way.


Copyright:V.Harihara Subramanian