8 The Rotary Club was addresses by the Mayor.

He promised to answer every prayer,

Of cleaning up the City.

Though it is still very dirty,

People think he is a trier.

9 The kids look forward to the Annettes Day,

So that they can have fun all the way.

The organisers thought it fit,

To have a humorous skit,

So that audience continue to stay.




There was a Rotarian from Agra.

Who was a regular taker of Viagra.

He was considered society's pillar:

But was actually a lady killer.

Till he drowned in the falls of Niagra.

11 There was a Rotarian from Middlesex

Who was student of life and sex.

He studied about birds and bees,

Of flowers and trees,

And the birth of man, society and sects.

12 There was a lady Rotarian from Dunhill.

Who was regularly taking the pill.

Actually there was no need

For the pill shaped like a melon seed.,

As she was old and clearly over the hill.


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