March 2000
1.Clinton Visits India
2. Pisa Tower Leans Less.. News Item

IN the days of the Cold War rift,
The US always had a Paki tilt,
Their strange Foreign Policy,
Sidelined the largest Democracy.
Good, Bill has started seeing daylight.

  Aprl 2000
US Army Female General Complains of Sexual harassment by Male General
--- Reuters

  The hills and dales of the female anatomy,
The General thought was his territory.
The Lady General went upto the Pentagon,
Before the male one could draw his gun.
Now he is bound to be part of history.

Singer Lene Nystrom of Aqua accused of setting abad example by having her breast enlarged -- News 3rd April 2000
Lead Singer of Aqua, Lene Nystrom,
Wanted to be in a much better form.
She wouldnt've had her cones,
Filled with shapy Silicones,
If she knew it would raise such a storm.

  Feminists using Power Tools of the Internet ---News 4th April 2000
The woman wants to prove she is nobody's fool,
She started putting up sites that are cool,
On the World Wide Web of the Internet,
So she can link with others whom she had ne'er met.
But that wouldn't keep her mind off the other tool.

Tenants of apartment block in Radenburg-Germany not allowed to urinate while standing -Bild
The normal way men pee,
Is standing, as you can see.
To make them do it sitting,
Is below-the-belt hitting,
And equating He to a She.

  Lady sues Nike for injuries - News 8th April 2000
  A beautiful young lady sues,
Nike, the makers of sports shoes.
She tripped over the lace,
Causing injury to her face.
Now she awaits her compensation dues.

  "More than two-thirds of British people want Prince Charles to marry Camilla-Parker-Bowles"  June 6 2000
  The people want the Prince to marry Camilla,
But Charlie says, " Sorry, I'm in a dilemma.
Will it lead to another divorce,
By some chance or by force.
So I want it to be decided by mamma."

Vice President Al gore not allowed speak at church organized meet - News

The US Vice President Al Gore,
Was unceremoniously shown the door.
The priest's deep aversion,
For supporters of abortion,
Saved the audience from this big bore.