There was a colonel from Malabar,

Who spent quite some time in the bar.

He blames his children and wife,

For his miserable life,

And justified his drinking during peace or war.

  There was an Indian living in London,

Who like his steak well done.

He wants his beef

On a banana leaf.

He claims to be a true Indian son.

  There was this girl from Texas,

Who had the most beautiful ass.

The donkey went for shows,

And won medals, ribbons and bows.

Making the owner a proud lass.

  There was a girl from Bombay

She was very fond of curds and whey

When the milk turned sour,

She didn't wait an hour.

But curdled it all the way.



Mr.Utpal Shah has a few Limericks on drinks and drinking. You may like to visit his page